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25 Baby Animals Who Want You To Pay Attention To Them Instead of Your Work.

I have a happy place, it’s called “Puppies Attack.” You may have a similar happy place like “Puppy Can’t Get Up“, “Christian The Lion” or maybe you’re more of a “The Sneezing Baby Panda” type.  There are days when watching “Puppies Attack” is the only thing that can make me remember that my life is not just comprised of the time I spend at my desk (although it really feels like my ass is starting to mold itself to my ikea rollie chair). But I digress. Try as you may to stay focused on spread sheets and company presentations, you too will end up looking at baby animals. They will show up, probably in your email box and they will distract you. Fact: You will be weak and you will look at baby animals.

It’s really not that hard to find them with many sites like That Cute Site and that are dedicated solely to cute, fl”uffy, newly born animals. I really want to say something like “who really has the time make a whole website dedicated to just that?” but I’m feeling that’s almost like the pot calling the kettle at this point (thanks for reading and subscribing!). We took the time to compile the cutest baby animals from a series of these sites and put them in one place… so can get your fix today through us.

You can thank us later.

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Post your favorite Youtube videos and baby animal photos in the comments. Let’s keep this Wednesday distraction going!


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