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The Male Appearance: Socks – Do They Have Rules?

This is a No-No! This picture alone is the reason for this post!

Last week I discussed shoes, so this week it seemed only natural to talk about socks. Shoes and socks go hand in hand . . . or should I say foot in foot?

A small subject, but there are three important rules all men should follow, regardless of the image you try to project. Each rule is catered to the three shoes each man should own. If you don’t know what they are, then take a few minutes and read about it here – -> SHOES

1. Dress Shoes = Dress socks. Hands down. No other socks should be considered. Dress socks are long and rarely solid white. There are a varietal of materials and textures to help portray a certain look.

Who wouldn’t want to compliment a guy wearing these?

a. If you aren’t feeling adventurous, then the safest route is to match the sock and shoe color (or in the same family). Black shoe, black/dark grey sock. Brown shoe, some shade of brown (just make sure they don’t clash when next to each other).

b. There are many times when the pant and the sock can match, such as blue pants and brown shoes. If the sock were either color, it would be appropriate. The decision should be made based on the wearer’s preferences.

c. I personally like to match my socks to my tie or shirt color — the little detail is almost always noticed by others and I receive nothing but compliments. This is a great idea for a networking event, or some place where you are standing a lot, like an art hop/gallery show.

My current favorite retailer is Happy Socks. Take a look through their LOOKBOOK to see the versatility of their socks and the plethora of combinations. Notice that in the book, every man is wearing pants with two exceptions. Long socks should only be worn with long pants (regardless of the shoe). I would recommend becoming more familiar with your style and how it fits into the world of fashion before venturing to shorts with dress shoes and long socks.

2. Exposed socks: The male version of the ‘whale tail’!

Yup . . . I went there. But it looks like she did too.

Well. . .maybe not that extreme, but socks should only be seen when they are meant to be seen. Consider this guideline: when wearing shorts, socks are invisible. Lose the ankle socks and transition to no-shows.  You can get no-show socks anywhere that sells socks, from Target to Nordstrom’s. Just choose what is comfortable. I would recommend getting white, black, and grey. In case someone sees your socks, it can blend with the shoe more. These are great for Converse, boat shoes, and others which hit right below the ankle.

Boy with tall socks

We aren’t in grade school now, are we?

For those who like TOMS, or other minimalistic shoes, go with ped socks. They cover the foot and the back side of the heel, but don’t rise above the shoe. Vans makes them, I purchased mine from Nordstrom’s, and many online retailers carry them.

3. Diversify: Stock portfolios, workplaces, and your sock drawer; their prime is in diversification. If you wear the same sock all of the time, you will go through socks like crazy! By having different options available and being selective in your choices, you can make your socks last and look their best. Socks are meant to absorb moisture and the more you wear them, the quicker they retain the odor, which is most challenging to remove. By having many pairs of socks, wearing them appropriately, and varying how often you wear certain pairs, you will keep your feet and wallet happy.

Socks. More than just a foot covering! Did I miss any faux-pas regarding men and their socks? Do you disagree? Let me know and comment down below! Ask me questions, tell me what you want to know about, or just ramble. Its cool, I’ll respond regardless.

This week I have a challenge for you! Take a look at men and their socks. Just a glance at people on the street, in the grocery store, at work, etc. and see what socks they are wearing. If you like something, try incorporating that into your sock wearing habits.

Before I send you off, I must briefly address a note from last week. I received a question regarding stereotypes and I want to dedicate some time to it. I will break away from the physical appearance and provide advice for men and their internal appearance. I hope to have it done next week so keep an eye out!

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Until then,
 Keep it classy.

The Guy with the Red Hair.

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10 thoughts on “The Male Appearance: Socks – Do They Have Rules?

  1. You know who should put a sock in it!?…not Kyle! Loved it!! Very detailed yet easy to remember and take with you. Great advice. This even reminded me to pick up some hide a socks from target lest I be showing my bootie socks with yes my tennies! ; p

    Girl with enough bootie as it is

  2. Kyle, I’m sure you didn’t address my comment because it seems so painfully obvious, but I would like to add the following tidbit: DO NOT WEAR SOCKS WITH SANDALS. NOT EVER. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong here, but sandals are designed so show the feet of the wearer. If you don’t want to expose your feet, wear shoes. It’s that simple. I even hate the socks-with-heels look that is trending for women. Ugh.

    • OMG Kam I hate that too. But watch in six months I’ll be rocking socks and heels… FML that’s fashion for ya (pretty sure I said the same things about skinny jeans)

      • You might as well start now and get ahead of the curve 😉 I don’t think it will last though. I think it will morph into something else.

    • I did assume it was an obvious no-no. But maybe I should assume. Sandals, if not meant to show off one’s feet, are meant to let them breath at least!

      I am slightly attracted to the sock/pump look. Something about it is fashionably rebellious.

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  4. I had no idea there were so many kinds of socks I need me some no shows for the summer.. Quick question, I hear some differing opinions wearing shorts. At what point is it acceptable to wear shorts? what kinds of shorts? how about you wright a shorts article?

    • That’s the main reason I am writing. Not many guys know about their options.

      I am working on a shorts post now June 7th! Look for it. Promise!

      In the meantime, a shorts’ fit should correlate with your body. A skinny guy shouldn’t wear baggy shorts and larger guys shouldn’t wear tight shorts. (There is a difference between tailored/fitted and tight.) You should own shorts of different lengths, for different occasions. Variety is key, but versatility is even more so. Approach printed/patterned shorts with caution.

  5. What about guys with spare tires? I think I’m decent above my gut, and below it i’m fine, but I have a chronic muffintop. My general approach is “Yeah, I’m muffin topin’ so what?” The issue becomes, when I wear something that fits my upper body nicely it gets tight around the middle, and with pants/shorts that fit well, seem to accentuate my mid section. If I get a size bigger it all looks too baggy and It doesn’t feel good.

    • I will do some research on how to not accentuate that area and bring it to you in the post.

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