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Photolust: Jillian Kay

It all started with this goldfish bowl, and if you think I’m kidding you’re totally wrong. A few years ago I met Jillian because a friend of mine told me she was doing head shots in San Jose and I desperately needed some. Being the online diva that I am, the first thing I did was look up her website — and because I am sometimes a girly girl, I looked at her wedding pictures. There, among the blushing brides and beautiful floral arrangements I saw this almost etherial goldfish bowl. “If she can make goldfish look this good, I’ve got a pretty good chance of coming out with a decent photo” I thought to myself, and immediately started to write her an email.

That was 3 years ago. Now in 2012, with 5 years of experience under her belt,  Jillian has photographed everything from babies to nervous high school seniors.
She spends her 9-5 as a software engineer and uses photography to express her  social, creative, fun half.

After working with Jillian Kay it is no surprise that her clients are often repeats. She shot Kate & John’s wedding:

“My favorite wedding was Kate & John’s!  They really had the most relaxed, well planned day full of pops of color and attention to detail.”

“. . . and now I have had the pleasure of shooting their maternity, first born, and now second born!”

See more of her wedding portfolio at

Headshots –

” I love working with creative, fun individuals and pulling out their natural beauty! I do natural light headshots either in downtown San Jose or on location.”

See her headshot portfolio at

Her Newest Adventure?

“I also get bored easily, so I love to have an ongoing side project – and this year I have two.  First, I have been taking black and white nudes of some really fun ladies.  I love the female form, and expressing joy and strength through it. I don’t know if I’ll ever make the images public, but maybe after I have a good collection.  Second, I’ve been trying out a small studio set-up.  Right now I’m only taking test models (no clients), but I’m enjoying the results and the learning process!”

Alright, so after 3 years, and starting to write this post I figured it was time to have my picture taken again. Here’s my new headshot curtesy of Jillian Kay. 

I’ll also be dragging Brendan in to have some pictures taken in the next couple weeks. Can’t wait to share those with you as well.

Happy Monday!


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