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Where do you join a flash mob?

We’ve all seen these fantastic flash mobs where spills of people come out from everywhere and start dancing exactly the same.

And if you’re like me you think: “How the hell did these people a: learn this decently complex dance b: have the time to plan, dress up, get people to film and c: inform other people about it without the rest of the general public knowing?”

I mean some of these people probably are professional dancers. Are they all just random acts of culture done for the sake of humanity?

Well kicking ass in the SEO department is Flash Mob America, co-opperated by a San Jose native, Conroe Brooks. Here’s a list of their upcoming flash mob events

You can also head over to and search for flash mobs — this is our local group: Flash Mob Bay Area. On their website they state that they are “open to all who want to dance and perform regardless of prior dance experience. We’re members of the community coming together to have a blast!”

What if you want to create your own Flash Mob?

Well, you could hire one of the groups I listed above, join a group and try to influence them or start from the ground up and hit up every free site you can like craigslist, facebook, twitter, etc.

It’s a lot of work but hey, the organizer of this flashmob was recognized and thanked by Beyonce for his efforts. That’s kinda cool.

Would you join a flash mob? Have you seen our post with the flash mob proposal?

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3 thoughts on “Where do you join a flash mob?

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