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Geek Chic: Ways to Celebrate Geek Pride Day 2012!

Geek Pride Day is tomorrow, May 25th! Wait up. Reverse thrusters. How are YOU planning to celebrate this moonglorious geeky holiday?! You have no idea? You are in luck, Geek Chic Krisrael readers; below are several fun ways to celebrate your inner geek-stud or geekette!

Host a geek-themed party!

Geek-themed parties can be elaborate or last minute! For example a last-minute LAN party or a well thought out sexy cosplay costume party can always tickle a nerd’s pickle! My personal suggestion: host a toga party. You would spend more money on the beer keg than your actual toga costume, and in this economy, saving money is always the best bet! Don’t know how to create a toga from a bed sheet? No problem! Check out this expert (you know this guy raged in college for sure). . .

Great reference: Geek Pride Day Party Ideas

Host your own marathon: MST3k style! 

Get together with your fellow nerd comrades and go MST3K on some bad movies, watch back-to-back episodes of Doctor Who on Netflix, or do whatever it is you and your best pals do when you get together. Try the original Star Wars trilogy, Ghost Busters sequels, or the Harry Potter films – anything that qualifies as a guilty pleasure. Haven’t watched The Avengers yet? You can prepare yourself by watching Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America movies and drinking a crap ton of Red Bull. Two words: challenge accepted!

DO something!

Drop the video game controller and head out with friends to have a good time! Karaoke, mini-golf, bowling, indoor skydiving, paintball, and go-kart racing are activities that can be enjoyed by groups of any size. My personal suggestion: laser tag. Why?! Because I think it would be cool to do this. . .

Rock out to geeky music: Geek Brand Entertainment Presents: Monsters Of Geek Summer Festival!  

Although this music festival is actually the weekend of June 1st-2nd, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth mentioning!

Featuring 10+ bands, including:

THE PHENOMENAUTS (my personal favorite, thanks to Krisrael music contributor Derek!)


21+/$12 advance/$15 at the door/4PM – 1AM at The Uptown Night Club in Oakland, California

There will also be tables featuring cool stuff from local artisans & non-profits!


“She Blinded Me With Science!” – Museums All Grown Up

You have a choice:

1) go to a museum, planetarium, Bay Area safari or zoo with your friends to embrace your love of science and fun


2) recite the lyrics to the song “She Blinded Me With Science” in a William Shatner voice. . .

Two words: choose wisely.

Attend a convention: FanimeCon 2012 

Time to bust out your cosplay couture ladies and gents! It’s time to FanimeCon!

FanimeCon is Northern California’s largest anime convention! Packed with videos, costumes, music, games, parties, tournaments, panels, and guests from around the world, this annual celebration of Japanese art and popular culture entertains a colorful spectrum of fans and friends. FanimeCon is “By Fans, For Fans”, and over 20,000 enthusiasts joined the fun at FanimeCon 2011. FanimeCon will return to downtown San Jose during Memorial Day weekend, May 25-28, 2012. For more information, please contact FanimeCon Marketing at marketing@fanime.comor visit

Don’t miss your chance to geek out like this. . .

Build something!

Who doesn’t like working with their hands? Now is the time to build your model robots or spaceships! Perhaps even create a Yoda-shaped, ceramic coffee mug! My personal suggestion: ANYTHING WITH LEGOS and Star Wars. ONLY IF you have more time on your hands you can try to out geek this kid. . .

I hope you feel prepared to celebrate Geek Pride Day 2012 with ultimate style and confidence! Tune in next week when we cover Father’s Day must haves for the geeky male parental unit in your life!

Until next week: Stay true. Stay YOU. Stay geek chic!  –Mo

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