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The Male Appearance: Attitudes of the Well-Groomed

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As we learn more tips for elevating your physical appearance, we must also take time to focus on your character. Just as when you eat the last chocolate-covered strawberry or grab the last beer in the fridge, disappointment always sets in when a person’s character stops at their looks. Assuming you have the substance to back up your appearance, there are some attitudes you should adopt to prepare you for the social aspect of a well-groomed appearance.

1. Accepting Compliments – It is a natural phenomenon. We’ve all given them and we have all received them. But the likelihood of you receiving more compliments greatly increases with the more effort you put into your look. With that said, however, there is an art to accepting them gracefully. They may come from all sources, genders, ages, and social classes, but no matter who offers you compliments, accepting them politely will increase your likability, enhance your character, and ultimately your external appearance. The best thing you can say (and do) is to process the compliment, look at the deliverer with sincerity, and say “Thank you’. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

It is an art where overcompensation is a bad thing.
(photo cred: Gagful)

2. Remember Your Roots – As the old adage goes, “Money can buy fashion, but it can’t buy style.” No one is born with style; everyone learns it. Therefore after you become comfortable with your style, it is only fair to pay it forward. Impart knowledge when it is requested.  Whether it is someone asking where you purchased something or why you chose the combination, answering the question(s) sincerely will inspire an eager soul to take pride in the appearance they put out to the world. Someone inspired you and there is no reason to hide it from others.

3. Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin – Regardless of the image you are trying to present, others can tell when you put effort into your appearance. This will bring about compliments and requests for advice. This will also bring on judgement — others may pass negative statements about your appearance. You should learn from others and derive inspiration for your own style, but remember to maintain your confidence in your choice and save face when confronted by the less tactful. Always remember YOU personally choose to dress the way YOU want to in order to make YOU happy!

Next week, I will provide more insight, scenarios for each attitude, and maybe even a game! Keep an eye out!

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