A BIG week for Krisrael

We just wanted to say thank you for helping us hit the goal of 1000+ daily page views. It may seem small to you, but it’s big for us! We’re taking this holiday weekend off to celebrate, but we’ll be back Monday with more eye-grabbing posts designed with you in mind. In the meantime here’s some words of wisdom, and a few links to our top posts this week.

If you’ve got style don’t be a douche, eat some gummy bears, figure out if you’re ok with being by yourself, break out your manga and celebrate, but don’t forget everyone’s names, cause who know’s when you’ll get lucky (perhaps at the drive in?). If that doesn’t work out, come home and cook a delicious meal with an excuse to break out the vodka too. Once you’re drunk, it’ll be time to dance to your favorite tunes.

Shout out to our top contributors Mo and Stephanie and like always a huge amount of love for the editors Kam and Mr. B

I’m going strawberry picking today with my main squeeze.

Happy 3 day weekend my crumpets!


If you are really bored, try working on a post from our “write for us” section! We’d love to hear your stories


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