Photolust: Disassembly

By nature of being a mostly professional internet surfer, I came across this beautiful photography series of old mechanical items by Todd McLellan. One part vintage, one part mechanical engineer equals no less than super-cali-fragilistic-awesomeness

Can you guess what items have been taken apart in these pictures?

In my series Disassembly, I photographed old items that are no longer used by the masses and often found on the street curbs heading for disposal. All of the pieces I photographed were in working order. I found it very interesting that they were all so well built and put together with screws, not glue. These pieces were all most likely put together by hand. I envisioned all the enjoyment these pieces had given many people for many years, all to be replaced by new technology that will itself be rapidly replaced with half the use.

These are great gifts for your geeky dad who thinks he can fix anything and they’re reasonably priced! You can buy prints of these images here. and learn more about the artist, Todd McLellan here.<– there’s also a really cool video of him working on this project under “New Work”

I’d love to know if any of these stumped you. For me, the last one is certainly the hardest to determine.

Happy Monday!


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9 thoughts on “Photolust: Disassembly

  1. Well, I guess that if you are over 40, they are all kind of easy to figure out…
    Radio alarm clock, Pentax camera, Bell rotary dial phone, table clock, typewriter, lawnmower and a cassette player / recorder.

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