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Staycation- Local Strawberry picking at Gizdich Ranch

Last week Mr. B and I received a postcard in the mail informing us that it was strawberry picking season at Gizdich Ranch, located in Watsonville CA. We absolutely love this place and have many fond memories from when we went apple picking during the fall.

Although it’s quite a commute from San Jose, the two of us love a good road trip so we packed a lunch, hopped in the car, and took the long route (87s-101s-152w) which took about an hour and half.

The fruit we’ve picked at Gizdich Farm is always delicious (there is something about fully sun-ripened strawberries that tastes different than if you buy them in a store). But I think my favorite part of going to visit Gizdich is that we get out of the cityscape and travel back in time to “simpler days.” Days when one may have baked a pie or made jam with said sun-ripened berries — oh wait, that’s almost every day at our house! Here are some recipes from Gizdich

Of course, no berry picking would be complete without eating some pie at the their pie shop. Mr. B had strawberry rhubarb and I had blackberry a la mode .

I took this with my iPhone. Crazy right?

Word to the wise- they accept cash only at the berry picking fields but there is an ATM at the main building if you forget.

It was pretty cold last weekend (hence the jacket and scarf) but this weekend is shaping up to be a lot warmer. So bring your kids, friends, lovers, casual acquaintances, or pie eating fan club and go pick berries at Gizdich this weekend!


Also: If you want a little more “awww” in your day check out this wedding shoot in their apple orchard. They’re pretty cute.

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