Photolust: Dog is Art Photography

Everyone who knows me knows I am a total dog fiend. I think it was just meant to be this way because my of allergies and personal differences/advanced stages of  hatred towards cats (sorry cat people, more for you?).  I was logging hours towards my masters in internet browsing when I came across this:

You’ve seen wedding photobooths, but doggie photobooths? Probably this is a first. Now, when one sees an awesome image like this and one also writes a blog that highlights a photographer every week, one MUST find the picture’s origin. This time (thank jebus!) it wasn’t too hard. Below are some of my favorite images pulled from dog is ART . And you know what is even cooler? The photographer’s name is Kris. I know, it was just meant to be.

You can see more of her images — including cats (I know some of you find a way to like them somehow) — by checking out, or  visit them on Facbook and like the page so you can get cute puppies in your news feed!  You know it’s going to be good content– they were just crowned as one of the top 30 inspirational pet photographers by The Pet Anthology.

Thanks for checking out another Photolust! <– if you liked what you saw, click here and check out more photographers we’ve featured on Krisrael.


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