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Fashion Emergencies 101

Getting dressed isn’t always easy.

I constantly catch myself saying, “I can’t wear white, I just spill too much”– I also catch myself spilling when I’m wearing stripes. The fact of the matter is, accidents happen. What’s more important is how well you roll with the punches.

I’m usually a mess, and because I’m an artist, I let it happen.  And because I fix other people’s clothing all the time, I always have a hole in mine. I once leaned over a table and got glue all over my dress. I had to create a makeshift skirt out of my sweater because I was wearing leggings.

For those of you who don’t sew all day, I’ve got some pointers to make lemons outta lemonade, and roll with holes and spills.

How to re-work what you’re already wearing: 

  • Just remember that skirts can be great tube top dresses.
  • If you sit in something, or a female emergency occurs, sweaters are STILL allowed to be worn around the waist. I don’t care what anyone says, this is too handy to be a fashion faux pas. Confessions of a glamaholic says this is in right now, and the nineties are a decade like any other and have contributed to fashion just as much as the bell bottom. So there.
  • If you’re wearing leggings, and your cover-up gets dirty, a wide-neck shirt or sweater makes a great skirt.
Hand painted galaxy nebula space universe stars oversized top t shirt NOT Black Milk

Etsy saves the day!

Out, out, damned spot!

Quick and Dirty Solution:

  • Carry a Tide stick — it’s a miracle worker, I tell you!
  • Put a brooch or flower over it — only works in the right location, but it’s a really fun trend right now, especially if you have your mom or grandma’s jewelry burning a hole under your bed.
  •  If the creativity surges, other options include:  fabric paint, tye die, and patches.


1) Remove the garment and IMMEDIATELY rinse with cold water, because hot water sets stains for good.

2) With your fingers, gently move the water through the fabric and rub in a circular motion. But for the sake of all things holy, DO NOT grind the water in, because alas, the stain will get ground in also.

3) Rinse after gently rubbing and let air dry.

AAHH a rip!

My solution to this is to wear layers at all times. That being said, I know this isn’t always possible, so keep at least one safety pin with you at ALL times.


Favorite spill remedy:

More Resources:

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2 thoughts on “Fashion Emergencies 101

  1. I LOVE THAT VIDEO!! I died laughing!!

    Once I got a small mark (the size of a dime) on my white pants. Still not sure from what. So I put another mark on the other leg (someplace where it looked purposeful…and away from the first mark) and it is somewhat decent looking. Is this an option others should consider or am I just crazy?

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