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The Male Appearance: BBQs, Rooftop Parties, & Summer Style

Whether you choose a burger and wine, finger foods and a beer, or keep it simple with some cocktails (because who doesn’t love a liquid dinner), BBQ party invitations will show their pretty little face any day now! Whether you are headed to the backyard, dock, beach, or a rooftop bar, here is some inspiration for your perfect summer party outfit. We are trying to look casual, stylish, put together, while maintaining the cool summer vibe.

I made this little ditty of a collage using Polyvore — I want to inspire you so you can adapt these images to fit your style. I’ll keep this site updated with various style ideas I’d like to share, but can’t dedicate an entire post FYI. But I digress . . . SUMMER PARTY OUTFIT! Let’s build it!

Shorts: Linen shorts or any lightweight material are an excellent choice. The material breathes, it doesn’t weigh you down, and looks casual yet stylish at the same time. Remember your rules for choosing shorts, but if you can get away with white, run with it! Also remember to stay away from the cargo shorts! No one is a fan . . . she isn’t (watch until 0:17) and they aren’t either!

Shoes: While wearing shorts, shoe selection can be tricky. Unless the party is on the sand, I would stay away from sandals or flip flops. When wearing shorts, I like to wear shoes which match the outfit perfectly. Since there is a visual gap in the outfit, the shoe keeps your outfit grounded.

Shirt: If you choose a lightweight material for your shorts, you can get away with a heavier top. The chambray denim shirt doesn’t just look good — it is almost always the perfect article for any outfit. Don’t wear too much red, white, and blue, but why not wear a red chambray? Want to play it safe? Go with the gray. Or get daring and wear a distinctly denim shirt.

Its a little daring, but it will easily give your outfit some character!

Misc: For your accessories (belts, hats, jackets, etc.), bring in some texture. Natural colors and natural textures are big during the summer time and the little touch with the accessories will express your knowledge of style, but also doesn’t overwhelm the look. If you don’t know if something is natural, just think ‘could I find something like this in nature?’ If that doesn’t help, then make sure it doesn’t look perfect. Fraying edges, weaving textures, flaws and imperfections are all good indicators.

This imperfect style reeks of summer and contrasts any outfit which looks put together. Try it out!

I don’t want to tell which retailers to purchase your clothes from, because everyone has different body types and designers have different fits. Go to your favorite store, try a new brand, and don’t be afraid to venture online either. My only warning for online purchasing is look at their refund/exchange policy first. Make sure they make it easy in case something doesn’t fit the way you’d like.

Don’t forget, Father’s Day is on Sunday! Still need a gift? Find one here!

Until next week,
Keep it classy,

The Guy with Red Hair


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