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Geek Chic: Devon Tread 1 Watch

When you hear the words Geek Chic, what is the first thing that pops into mind? Nerd glasses? A Hipster reading a comic book? There are so many definitions for the popular cultural term that are both negative and positive. I like to believe that it is a term used for “reclaiming the geek identity as something not only meaningful, but also stylish.” Krisrael Geek Chic Readers, I want to highlight that geek style isn’t necessarily something corny or Star Wars theme related, but can be something that also embraces innovative technology and fashion-forward trends. With that being said, this week I want to showcase a tech-savvy accessory that is both sexy and smart: The Devon Tread 1 Watch.

The Devon Tread 1 Watch is the most cutting-edge watch made today, a timepiece of intricate technology. What is even more inspiring is that it is produced by a California-based company, and all parts and pieces are made in the U.S.A. (Take that Switzerland! Haha!) “The watch features four internal 2-micron thin belts that spin within the case to display the time. It’s powered by a lithium polymer rechargeable cell that is charged by wireless induction. This electric system runs the belts that are kept in tune with an optical technology.” For example, on one battery charge the watch can run for up to two weeks uninterrupted! Sexy and sustainable?! Yes please!

Devon Works is led by fashion guru and car designer, turned accidental watch inventor Scott Devon. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, “Devon Works, LLC is a design lab dedicated to creating innovative luxury products that exemplify the American spirit.” Devon reinvented the watch when he first created the Tread 1. He worked closely with a Calif0rnia aerospace company to bring to light a futuristic timepiece that is made for today’s high-luxury geek or geekette. This watch is a prime example of technical prowess.

Devon is the ONLY American watch company using its own proprietary movement. The Tread 1 has a patented system of interwoven time belts, gears, and micromotor. In 2010, the Tread 1 was “nominated for the Gran Prix d’Horlogerie de Genéve in the category of Design and Concept Watch — the first American watch brand ever to receive this laudable recognition.”

When first released, this modern-looking mechanical accessory made consumer jaws drop due to it’s large stature, which was highly unorthodox for high-end watches at the time. With its LOUD ticking noise and unforgettable look, you will quickly be the center of attention anywhere and everywhere.

Mo’s Geek Chic Take: You DON’T wear a watch like this unless you want to be noticed!

Exciting Update: Last month, Devon released images of an upcoming Steampunk version of the Tread 1! It began as a concept, but due to customer demand, they will build them! The Steampunk Tread 1 is the retro-futuristic reinnovation of the original Tread 1. The watch case will likely be made with bronze and oxidized steel. Rivets and exposed screws will complete the Steampunk look, which is a definite must.

Devon Tread Watch Detail Breakdown

Estimated Costs:

Devon Tread 1 Watch – $15,000

Devon Tread 1 Steampunk Version Watch – $20,000

Where to Buy: San Francisco, California and other select worldly locations

Final Shout-out: Special thanks to Krisrael founder Kris Israel! Her highly popular Photolust: Disassembly piece was my inspiration!

Until next week: Stay true. Stay YOU. Stay geek chic! –Mo

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