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The Male Appearance: East Coast Style (Pt. 1)

With over 50 neighborhoods just in Manhattan, I saw a lot of people. Between the lunches, meetings, events, and parties, I saw other’s risks and talked with many NYers about some of the crazy awesome and crazy not-so-awesome sightings.

I am lucky enough to categorize my inspirations and hazards this week from city into one theme: divisions!

Divisions: If it is divided, it was worn! From hair styles, to ties, to everything, most of the stylish men in the city stayed away from just one solid piece on their bodies and included this concept into their wardrobe. But just because you visually cut something, doesn’t mean it looks good. Here are the few things I saw this week to do and to keep away from!

 Do: Hair Parts – No matter your hairstyle (well . . . if you are bald, you might have an issue), the part allows you to change it up and still feel fresh and versatile. From what I saw, the part looks good when you use your eyebrows as a guide. Look at what I mean:

Even with his long hair, he still parted it.

What if your hair isn’t long enough or you don’t have enough volume to emphasize the part? Here is a trick I learned!!

  1. Make your part with your comb and shape it until you love it.
  2. Add some gel to your fingertips and apply to a half inch of your hair on each side of the part from your forehead to the end.
  3. Use a hair dryer on the low heat setting to dry the gel, while gently pushing the short side of the part (minority portion of your head) up to give it volume. Then turn the dryer on cool. This cures and freezes the look. This will not only hold the part, but will also emphasize it so it looks like you have longer hair than you do. Try it out! Even if you have long hair, try this technique, but use more gel to hold the hair. This could give you a positive statement hair style.

    Do: Rolled Shorts – If you can do it with your pants, why not with your shorts? The benefit to this is it allows you to purchase a length of short you are more comfortable with, but then expand your comfort zone by shortening your inseam. Like these guys:

Rolled Short Legs? Yay! Color shorts? Yay! Fun top? Yay! Neutral shoe with no socks? Yay! Cargo shorts on the guy next to him? Boo!

He did roll his shorts. Always remember your short length. This a little too short. But at least they are following their socks rule!

Cut your jeans into shorts? Roll them up for an instant hemline!

The only concern I foresee is widening the leg opening. By folding up, it tends to flare out. Test it out and look in the mirror. Just remember the rule of thumb: a shorts’ leg opening should not be wider than your hips.

    Don’t: Suits without Socks – Before I am shot by the fashionable men of this world let me say first, I enjoy this look. This is really popular right now to show how stylish you can be, but I want to add a guideline. Monochromatic schemes are a bad idea — if your suit is the same color as your shoes and your skin, then it is a no-no. There is no telling where the fabric begins, the skin ends, and the leather starts. The idea behind foregoing socks is rebellious in nature. To be rebellious, one must make it known! So wear a black or dark grey suit when you are pasty white fellow, or a light grey or navy suit if you have an olive complexion!

Fun man riding a bike near the park. Sunday Funday for him!

Don’t: Man Dresses – I know this doesn’t follow the theme, but I felt it necessary to say, especially with the number of men I saw wearing them this week! I don’t think this is a smart decision. Yes, it is a statement. Yes, it is an area few men go. But I don’t think this is a test of your comfort with your masculinity. Leave the dresses to the women. Pull inspirations from theirs fashion in other ways. Wear big necklaces, emphasize your figure, or even paint your nails (I’ve seen it done well), but lets leave this article of clothing with women.

Dress to Impress? Well . . . I am impressed.

I still have time in the city and have a lot more fun to experience. Is there anything you would like to see from my trip? Should I scout something out? Let me know! Leave a comment below telling me what you would like to see!! Or follow us with one those cool social media outlets down below!

Until next week,

Keep it classy!

The Guy with the Red Hair.

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