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Geek Chic: Sing-a-Long Satisfaction

Imagine: You are sitting in a dark and crowded movie theatre watching a movie musical.  You notice your feet are tapping to the beat of the songs and you are already dancing in your seat. You start to sing aloud, but you get harshly shushed by the other audience members. You look to your left and right in sadness at the other moviegoers and wonder “Why aren’t they singing along too?!” 

Krisrael Geek Chic readers, no need for sad faces or frowns because I have a solution for you: MUSICAL MOVIE SING-A-LONGS! I know you are probably thinking one of two things 1) “I loved NPH in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog!” OR 2) “But, I don’t feel like dressing up in fishnets and attending a midnight viewing of Rocky Horror Picture Show.” (Don’t know what I mean? Don’t worry, I will cover the Rocky Horror culture craze in next week’s Krisrael Geek Chic post.) I hope your vocal chords are warmed up, because this week I will share with you two Bay Area landmarks that host sing-a-long events year round and my personal favorite international touring sing-a-long company!

The Retro Dome: San Jose, California

The Retro Dome is San Jose’s coolest and grooviest performing arts center! The former Century 25 Theatre at Westgate Mall in San Jose, California has been completely reimagined and now sports a new name, a vintage vibe and retro-modern interior. This one-of-a-kind Retro Dome serves as a home to live professional musical theatre, retro film, comedy, and live music. This is definitely the place to let your inner musical geek shine!

Upcoming Performances: June 29-July 1, Annie Musical Movie Sing-along; July 6-7, Young Frankenstein Quote-along; July 13-15, The Beatles Yellow Submarine Sing-along. For a complete list of events or to purchase tickets online here.

The Castro Street Theatre: San Francisco, California

“The Castro Theatre was built in 1922 by pioneer San Francisco theatre entrepreneurs, the Nasser brothers, who started with a nickelodeon in 1908 in the Castro neighborhood. The Castro was built at a cost of $300,000. The Castro’s designer was Timothy L. Pflueger (1894-1946) who went on to become a famous Bay Area architect. In 1977, the Castro was designated City of San Francisco registered landmark number 100. It is one of the few remaining movie palaces in the nation from the 1920s that is still in operation.”

I love the Castro Street Theatre because, like the Retrodome, it showcases classic movies, independent films, and musicals in every shape, way, and form!

Upcoming Performance: June 29 – July 5, Grease Movie Musical Sing-along and August 4, Mary Poppins Movie Musical Sing-along

Check out this Grease movie musical sing-a-long trailer, so YOU know what to expect when you come to the Castro Street Theatre. Just remember to bring your poodle skirt, leather jacket, and dancing shoes:

Sing-a-Long-a: International Touring Company

Sing-a-long-a is a unique movie musical touring company that is located in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia/New Zealand, Holland, and Sweden. Sing-a-long-a USA specializes in my favorite movie musical of all time The Sound of Music!

“Sing-a-long-a Sound of Music launched in New York in September 2000 at the Zeigfeld Theatre in Manhattan with a gala performances attended by Charmian Carr (Leisel) Richard Hammond (Fredrich) Heather Menzies (Louisa), Duan Chase (Kurt), Angela Cartwright (Brigitta) , Debbie Turner (Marta) Kym Karath (Gretl), Daniel Truitte (Rolf) and 3 goats. Undoubtedly the highlight of 2001 was a sell-out performance at the historic Hollywood Bowl to 18,000 people including not only all the children from the movie but film’s director Robert Wise and writer Ernest Lehman. Subsequent years has not only seen expansion across the whole of the US but 8 more sell out shows at the Hollywood Bowl as well as annual runs in Chicago San Francisco & Seattle.”

So, why is Sing-a-Long-a different from the usual movie musical sing-a-long event? A host leads the audience through an official vocal warm up and gives a comprehensive guide to the accompanying actions and use of the interactive funpack (yes, every audience member receive a funpack of goodies to use during the actual movie). Audience members are encouraged to dress in character, because there is always a parade of the best costumes, with at times a costume contest! Sing-a-long-a attendees have dressed up as anything and everything represented in the classic film–the possibilities are endless!

Upcoming Performance: July 14 at 7:00PM, NAPA VALLEY OPERA HOUSE, 1030 Main Street, Napa, CA 94559. For tickets:  Call 707.226.7372 or purchase online here.

Mo’s Geek Chic Take: Sing-a-longs are not just for musical theatre geeks, Broadway enthusiasts, or film nerds. These stellar events are exciting because YOU, the audience, are the stars of the show. Sing-a-longs are inclusive, interactive, uplifting, magical and simply irresistibly fun!

Until next week: Stay true. Stay YOU. Stay geek chic! –Mo

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