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Blogging is a bitch.

Hey we hit 40,000 page views — That’s pretty cool! Only a month a go I wrote about our first big success so it seems that we are growing and loved but, I have to be honest with you readers, sometimes blogging is a total raging, hormonal BITCH.

Half the time we put out material on Krisrael and I think to myself “well, this should be..errr…’ interesting'” and then it gets 8,000 views in two days (seriously wtf made this post so special?) and then the other half of the time we get great content like Brendan’s cooking recipes and I check the analytics and go “WTF? 4 views?”

Neither of these figures are an exaggeration which is really sad to me because we, as a staff, dedicate a lot of our free time to writing these. Pretty much every night there are at least 3 people on my staff creating something just for you, hoping it will make your day just a little better. We are clearly receiving a good amount of views, but we never hear from you — like . . . ever.

An average Jenna Marbles video gets over a million views within one day of posting — and if you look at her content, it’s fairly cheap and simple humor; clearly I need to write a blog full of cheap tricks and f-bombs, and then I too could be rolling in money.

So, because being out of school is awesome, and having no homework pretty much ever again is even more awesome I’m going to give up the very few pieces of free time I have to start a youtube channel with my dear friend Kam. This Wednesday we launch our first teaser video — we hope you’ll check it out and perhaps you’ll think our brand of humor is funny enough to subscribe to.

That’s the plan at least. Happy first week of July!



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