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“Roadkill Couture”

I must say this collection shocked me and I wanted to share it for exactly that reason — because almost nothing shocks me anymore. The “Roadkill Couture” collection by Jess Eaton challenges my middle class upbringing’s values, providing a small moment of self reflection.

Jess Eaton seems to appreciate beauty that most people can not understand, with a transformative imagination I’d like to crawl inside for a few days.

The philosophy behind this collection is to reuse things that would otherwise go to waste.  Watch this video for more insight, but if you’re a squeamish sort there’s a bit of black and white animal dissection you might want to watch out for.

There’s a huge taboo about using fur for clothing, but the animals I’ve used didn’t die for their fur. Absolutely no animal was harmed or died for the creation of this collection.”

Below are some of my favorite selections.

So now I ask you: how does it make you feel to see such beautiful things and realize they were made from roadkill?

We wanna know what you thought!

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