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At one point in my early adult years pretty much every shirt I owned was from this website, but now that my wardrobe resembles one of a corporate slave  is more adult I unfortunately had said goodbye to my soul  my t-shirt collection and pretty much completely forgotten


This morning someone posted a Threadless design on FB and like a motorcycle accident victim coming out of a coma, it all came back to me (and I wanted some jello)., to my delight, is still alive and kicking. They still have shirts that remind me of my teens, but also a more refined selection for adults that could maybe wear their shirts with a blazer and jeans on casual Friday.

Below are some of my favorites from the site that are available for purchase right now– most for $20 or less (you can’t even buy socks for under $20 at Banana Republic!).

“Solar System”

Love the design? Click on the image and it will take you directly to it.

I buy all of my shirts from the men’s section (small) because I like the full sleeve the male cut gives (the ladies version is somewhere in between a cap sleeve and normal t-shirt cut).

“Beauty or Beast”

“Good Artists Copy”



“The Ocean of Story”

“Muppet Alphabet”

If that’s not your style they have a HUGE selection — some funny, some geeky, all awesome. They’re most certainly worth a browse to say the least.


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