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The Male Appearance: Facial Hair Tips

Hello men, I write to you one last time from Manhattan and I have to be honest with you, I found this week’s post a bit hairy to write for you . . . literally. All sorts of facial hair riddled the streets of NYC. I promise not to split any hairs over styles, but simply give tips on the styles you choose, while throwing in an opinion or two.

Facial hair. Men get it, have it, and therefore must deal with it. However, don’t fall victim to the hype of current trends. No matter how hard you try, your facial hair will only grow according to your genetics, not to social standards. Just like defying gravity, defying your genes is darn near impossible. No matter what you do, stick to what grows naturally and work with what you have.

No Hair: If you shave everyday or multiple times a week, you put your face through a lot of distress. The best way to take care of your face it to take care of your tools: Razor, Cream, and Brush. The best shave I’ve ever had was with a safety blade. If you don’t want to take that big of a step, then be sure to change your razor regularly. It keeps the blades sharp and a dull blade will cause nicks and razor burns. Don’t want to remember when to change? Then join the Dollar Shave Club! They send you a new one automatically! Shave cream: Go with a glycerin-based cream/shave soap. It helps the razor glide over the skin while keeping the face moisturized. Stay away from alcohol-based products. They burn and dry out the skin. Generally, creams in cans (think Barbasol) are lower in quality and price. High quality with a higher price come in plastic or metal tubes. Lastly, a shave brush. I can vouch from personal experience, your shaving experience will significantly improve with this purchase. I don’t know from experience if the difference in price gives a better shave, but to start out, go with a cheaper option before making that investment.

This is a Safety Razor. Consult a barber (a legit one) with questions regarding this instrument.

Only $12! It’s the one I use and it has treated my face beautifully! Click the pic to learn more.

Mustache: I’m not a fan, but if you are (or think you are) one of 2% of the world population that can rock it, then do it and own it. My recommendations are cautionary. If you have a light-colored hair (blond and/or brown), be careful as it could make you like you haven’t washed your face in weeks! If you have thin, delicate hair, or can’t grow a full ‘stache, then you run risk of looking prepubescent. Remember those years? Lastly, if you don’t have the time, energy, or patience to maintain it, then don’t. You will look haggard. If you want to grow a mustache, look here for tips on how to grow and shape your facial manhood. But…in my humble opinion, it certainly qualifies as one of the 6 Things are Cute in Theory, Not Reality.

Beard: Be proud of your beard! I am in the beginning stages of growing my beard out right now, which means I am a little biased; however, if your employer and social groups don’t forbid it, why not try it?! First, let it grow out. No shaving, trimming, or shaping. This allows for your hair to do what it does naturally. After 3-4 weeks, then shape it to suit your personality. Lastly, you must treat it like the hair on your head. You have to trim off the dead ends and clean/condition it while maintaining your face underneath. I read and recommend Esquire’s tips for maintaining your beard and keeping a moisturized face. This will keep the hair looking and feeling healthy. Here are some reference points for beard growth.

You can easily see where his facial hair won’t grow. This is well-maintained. Aim for this if you want a professional look.

Here is my beard. It is almost time to start shaping it! (Taken 6-29 in NYC). Notice my hair doesn’t grow on the sides of my lips.

Come now, Brad Pitt. Maintenance is key! You let it grow too long and now you look homeless.

For those with goatees, flavor-saver/soul patch, side burns that extend to your Adam’s apple . . . have fun. You have something specific you want to do, and my best advice is to do your own research based on your needs/goals.

Leave me a comment if you have any other tips for maintaining facial hair.

Until next week,
Keep it classy!

The Guy with the Red Hair

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