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The Male Appearance: To Tattoo or Not To Tattoo.

Almost two years ago, I decided to get a tattoo. However the temptation to get more and more is borderline overwhelming. If I succumb to my desires, it would OBVIOUSLY result in sleeves on my arms and legs, words and vibrant pictures on my neck, ultimately screwing myself out of 80% of the careers I desire.

Ok. Ok. A tad extreme. But let’s talk about it. Tattoos are a big ‘trend’ right now, but with the right thought and goals, you can make a trend an amazing piece of art.

Regardless of why you are getting your tattoo, I feel there are some guidelines all should consider beforehand.

1) Trends: DON’T FOLLOW THEM!! JUST DO NOT DO IT!! Trends are fleeting at best. Fleeting anything should never be an option for something as permanent as a tattoo. Denim outfits, sagging pants, mullets, 80s running shorts, frosted tips are all laughable trends and do you want to put something ‘laughable’ permanently on your body? If you like the way it looks, try it on for size, then see if you still like how it looks on your body. If you still want to make them permanent, then perfect. Just proceed with caution.

It is very trendy, but looks great on her.

The quality is GREAT, but there are so many factors which could easily alter the art.

2) Artist Quality: If you are like most people, you put a lot of thought into buying anything which costs more than what you make in a month. Since tattoos will last significantly longer than your job will, take the time to research in an artist who A) a master at the trade B) understands your expectations and C) can offer creative suggestions to elevate the quality of your tattoo. And if there is a $20 special for a cookie cutter tattoo. . .well who are we to judge, but I wouldn’t make that my first. It’s like losing your virginity to a cheap escort. Not the best story to share over drinks.

My tattoo goal is to have this artist make a tattoo for me!

3) Maintenance: Tattoos are an investment and without proper care, you might as well throw the money into the toilet. Proper cleaning, moisturizing, and care right after the inking are important to the longevity of the tattoo. But just as car color fades and a lawn needs upkeep, so does your tattoo. If ink didn’t take to parts of your skin or when the color doesn’t shine like it used to, then start making an appointment. If you aren’t willing to maintain it, then I wouldn’t get one.

Now, here are some awesome tattoos that I feel will most definitely stand the test of time!

So long as the passage is equally timeless

You can click to view more of Vincent Gotti’s portfolio.

Here are some we probably will never consider . . . to be classics

I will admit. . .its cool 🙂

Get ready for some snark, because next week I will tackle the irritating insightful questions asked to people without tattoos.

Do you make every tattoo heartfelt and meaningful? Or do you seize the day and get what you want in the moment? Leave a comment and let me know about your thoughts on getting tattoos.

Until next week,
Keep it classy.

The Guy with the Red Hair.

4 thoughts on “The Male Appearance: To Tattoo or Not To Tattoo.

  1. I love asking people about their tattoos. if there is a back story or not, i love to know the inspiration. I can’t get tattoos for religious reasons, or at least thats my excuse for now… I don’t think i’d be able to stop if i started……

    • Stay tuned next week then! I am writing about the questions tattoo-less ask the tattooed.

      “What does lines on your chest mean?”
      “They represent my birthday.”
      “But why did you get it?”
      “In case I left my ID at home?”

      As I said, prepare for the snark 😉

  2. Tattoo’s should have meaning and done in a sober moment and with thought; not done on a dare or intoxicated. Reason being that it costs more to get it removed than to put on 🙂

    • I agree with sobriety and for personal reasons (not for a dare). I’ll discuss meaning next week because sometimes the meaning isn’t as in depth or heartfelt by others’ standard.
      It is a hefty cost if you regret the choice and should be considered when deciding to get it.

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