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My Findings Were Eye-Opening.

Almost 2 weeks ago I decided that I was going to track every hour of my day and see how I was using my time. I logged everything I did the whole week, and then took a week to really think about what I observed. Below are my findings (please welcome some nifty charts and graphs, appearing for the first time on Krisrael)

The week’s in depth charting:

Monday's Graph looked a lot like hell

In Summary: 

Top 3: Sleep, Work, Maketards

Bottom 3: Logging, Exercise, Boyfriend

When I entered all of this into a spread sheet and composed the graphs I thought about not posting it. I’m embarrassed that I live with my boyfriend and have spent little to no time with him, but have plenty of time to look at puppies, run errands, and work on my youtube channel.

I should note that some of this information was probably inaccurate because I knew I was logging. This week was really light in terms of Social media and Email, which is abnormal– I can spend seriously hours surfing through garbage sites looking for blogging material and ways to promote various projects I’m working on.

What I’m going to change:

GET OFF THE COMPUTER, and spend more time with my boy friend.

Pump up the exercise (I think I can commit to being active more than a 1/2 hour a week right?) I’d like to slowly amp up to 2.5 hours a week. The cool thing about this is that Brendan loves to workout so we can spend time together being active and I can be working towards both of my goals at the same time.

What this means:

After much discussion with the man friend (who is one of the editors of this blog) we have decided that Krisrael is going to slow its operations considerably, if not entirely stop posting. Sure, you could look at the graph and say,”Kris, that isn’t even one of the largest time sucks of your life!” To which I say, I know but it’s time that needs to be spent differently. Some things, like sleep, I can’t stop doing.

I want to thank everyone of our 50,000 viewers from the last 6 months. If the staff decides to take up various blogging sites I will make sure to post them in the comments below.

I wish I could go on blogging, but each day would have to be 40 hours long. For now, I say goodbye, and hope to be back with life updates soon.

–Taking it Offline–

❤ Kris Israel

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