Founder: Kris

Oh Kris, who are you?
There is so much, yet so little to say (and it also feels like it’s constantly being redefined). I’m an optimistic realist who believes in the power of creativity, kind heartedness, and education. An intelligent woman with so much left to learn. I can be easily overwhelmed by my shortcomings; usually the things I dream up look better in my mind’s eye than in execution. This can be exhausting when you slide in the fact that I’m a part time perfectionist, when I’m not busy being a procrastinator!

On occasion I can be an absolute hard-ass, usually in a perfectly incorrect moment.

I’m involved in the Bay Area’s art scene, primarily in performance art,  any chance I get to help educate, support, and promote my passion is a good use of my time.

READ MY RESUME you know, if you’d like to know more about me professionally . . . and stuff

I started Krisrael as a class project in 2010. I’ve left up all of the horribly written posts as a testament to where we came from.  This blog is written for my young-hearted, like-minded, laugh-at-yourself-and-occasionally-your-mess-of-a-life friends (if you’re reading this, you’re now my friend). Come along with me– it’ll most certainly be a fantastic journey.


Q: Why do you sign off the majority of your posts with ‘tose?

A: My name has been a source of creative outlet for many of my friends (you know I didn’t come up with Krisrael on my own!). One of these creative pet names was Kristose, it quickly was shortened to ‘tose and has remained so ever since. I’m not really sure why I picked that as my signature other than it’s one of the more abstract ways my name has been manipulated and signing off “kris” on krisrael didn’t seem too original.

Q: How do you pick your guest writers?

A:  They’re all people that have been recommended to me by others or I know them personally.  If you want to have a shot to write for the Krisrael blog check out the “Want to be a Guest Blogger?” tab. I’m always accepting submissions.

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