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Top Five Bay Area Music Venues That Won’t Drain Your Wallet

Cheapest Van Halen tickets for this Summer at the HP Pavilion in San Jose on StubHub: $50. Service and instant download fee for ticket: $14.95. Parking at HP Pavilion: $25. Plastic cup of mediocre light beer: $10. The essential Van Halen 2012 tour shirt: $20. Right there, you’re looking at $119.95 for a single concert. … Continue reading

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Geek Chic: Ways to Celebrate Geek Pride Day 2012!

Geek Pride Day is tomorrow, May 25th! Wait up. Reverse thrusters. How are YOU planning to celebrate this moonglorious geeky holiday?! You have no idea? You are in luck, Geek Chic Krisrael readers; below are several fun ways to celebrate your inner geek-stud or geekette! Host a geek-themed party! Geek-themed parties can be elaborate or last … Continue reading

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Three Songs to Help Break The Ice With Your Dad On Father’s Day

The synchronized flowers paired together in the spiral vase at the center of the living room table begin to slightly wilt and shed their delicate petals. Half empty wine bottles that had previously been christened and celebrated now stand dormant awaiting the next momentous event. The elaborately clever and touching cards that stand up in … Continue reading

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Tear Down The Walls: Four Bay Area Bands That Defy Their Labels

You know, it’s a funny thing when you first develop a curious interest in a subculture and want to learn more about it. You have all these ideas about what that subculture is all about as well as all these negative preconcieved notions that you’ve developed from your family, the media, and the rest of society. It’s like hearing … Continue reading