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Geek Chic: How to Avoid a Father’s Day #FAIL

Sunday, June 17 may seem like an arbitrary date in the not-so-distant future, but not when you are dealing with the dreaded holiday celebrating the male parental unit in your life. That’s right my fellow Krisrael Geek Chic readers: Father’s Day! Every year I worry about what to get my very geeky, gadget-loving father. The … Continue reading

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Get Off Your A$$, It’s The Weekend!

Ever look at a friend’s vacation pictures on Facebook and think, “Cool! That looks awesome! I wish I was that adventurous and interesting. . . Why don’t I ever do that kind of stuff?” I’ve got $20 that says immediately after thinking that you kept browsing other people’s adventures online or checked out what was … Continue reading

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Travelzoo? Living Social? Groupon? What’s Your Poison?

Everyone seems to have mixed thoughts about the online coupon world. I recently was at my hair dressers and the owner was approached by a young door to door sales lady. She said her rehearsed, extremely leading pitch to him and instead of agreeing to her offer, he quickly showed her the door. I was … Continue reading