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The Pinterest Workout

Despite what others on Krisrael have said, Pinterest is amazing. You can find inspiration, crafts, memes, and all sorts of stuff to waste your time on. I love it! Here are some of my “finds” on Pinterest that will help guide you into a non-workout workout. The little bits of activity that you do throughout … Continue reading

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Summer Rehash– What three months can be.

It’s not often that I have time to write theses days, the summer went by incredibly fast and now I’m standing on the edge of fall thinking I’ve left all you readers (and possibly myself) in the dust. So let’s get the low down rollin’ shall we? End of May I said good bye to … Continue reading

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A little me time, thoughts on facebook ads and maybe something else… if you’re lucky.

On nights, like this, when the world seems a bit amiss… I’ll write you all a blog post. Today marks the first day that I did completely stuff for me! Well, minus the five hours of performing, but who’s counting? I feel like a lot of ‘me’ time is spent thinking about others. Do you … Continue reading