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Alone vs. Lonely

In the blue corner, tipping the scale toward emotional maturity and self-awareness, we have Alone!  His strengths are self-sufficiency, fortitude, and forcing you to think about uncomfortable things.  His weaknesses are teamwork and being a source comfort when you’re down.  Aaaand in the red corner, weighing in at one bucket of tears, is Lonely!  He … Continue reading

Mr. B’s Messy Kitchen Presents: The Perfect Roast Chicken
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Mr. B’s Messy Kitchen Presents: The Perfect Roast Chicken

This post will be a little different from the last, as the last recipe was chosen and written up by the girlfriend, Kris Israel (because I was too lazy). For the most part, future posts will consist of either my tried and true recipes or experimental disasters that taught me better ways to make stuff, … Continue reading

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Summer Rehash– What three months can be.

It’s not often that I have time to write theses days, the summer went by incredibly fast and now I’m standing on the edge of fall thinking I’ve left all you readers (and possibly myself) in the dust. So let’s get the low down rollin’ shall we? End of May I said good bye to … Continue reading