Travel log: Hindu Wedding

Recently, I went on a recent trip to India for one of my best friend’s wedding. The union was unconventional from the Indian perspective; one was Catholic and the other Hindu, so they decided to have two weddings. This provided a fascinating mélange of cultures and a basis for comparison of the two wedding traditions. Catholic … Continue reading

Bring The Noise: How Sound Works In Mysterious Ways
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Bring The Noise: How Sound Works In Mysterious Ways

Non-stop sunshine. Cut throat driving. Countless street art at every turn. Child pop stars in training who can play the accordion. Famous Asian celebrities in bright pink Hummer limos. Legendary chicken and waffles at Roscoe’s in Inglewood. All of this must mean one thing; I’m currently vacationing in Los Angeles. As I sit on my … Continue reading

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Get Off Your A$$, It’s The Weekend!

Ever look at a friend’s vacation pictures on Facebook and think, “Cool! That looks awesome! I wish I was that adventurous and interesting. . . Why don’t I ever do that kind of stuff?” I’ve got $20 that says immediately after thinking that you kept browsing other people’s adventures online or checked out what was … Continue reading