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Originally born in Italy, moved to Scotland in 2009 to begin her university studies in Communication, Advertising & Public Relations, spent a year in California as part of an academic exchange – Carlotta’s international soul is always ready to read things in perspective. When she’s not in Italy she misses food and family, when she’s not in Scotland she misses her lads andlassies, and when she’s not in California she misses her hella cool boyfriend.

However, traveling has always been one of her biggest passions and because of that she’s particularly proud of her one-month long road-trip around the United States with four other friends (they visited/crossed more than 32 states. Crazy stuff!)
She’s now back in the Silicon Valley for the summer interning for Scent Sciences CorporationACG Silicon Valley and Palo Alto International Film Festival and in September she’ll be back in Scotland to complete her honor degree.
Next goal is start working in entertainment PR as what she loves the most are cinema & film production!
Connect with Carlotta:
twitter: @charlielie
A . of View is Not Enough:
Carlotta has been contributing to Krisrael since May 2012

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