Contributor: Derek

“On some days, he goes by Derek Zoolander. On others, he’s referred to as Adam Sandler. But usually, he’s Derek Johnson, a 24 year old self proclaimed music geek from Novato with a passion for life. Derek lives, eats, breathes, sleeps music and he can’t emphasize that enough. He loves going to local shows within the Bay Area, checking out new bands, singing out loud to songs by himself in his Ford Taurus, and sharing and talking about music with other people. Derek had his own radio show on Sonoma State University’s radio station, KSUN, called “Disco Before The Breakdown” for two years that he thoroughly enjoyed being a part of. As a relatively recent Sonoma State graduate with a BA in English and a concentration in creative writing, Mr. Johnson hopes to be able to strive for fusing his passion for music and writing into one with Krisrael and his own blog , with his ultimate goal to eventually write for a magazine.
When Derek’s not doing air drums to songs or typing away at the computer, he likes to skateboard, read, jot in his notebook, photograph, explore new places with friends, meet new people, watch old episodes of Law and Order, watch the Giants win another World Series, play pinball, be a pool shark, hone his beer pong skills, and try some new food spots. To sum it up, Derek is a mellow, outgoing guy looking to experience a little bit of everything that life has to offer.
Derek has been contributing to Krisrael since May, 2012.

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