Contributor: Kyle

A ginger by day. . .and a ginger by night, Kyle is the fun of California, the attitude of New York,
and the hospitality of the Swedes. Born in California, moved over ten times before he was 20
years young, and still searching for a town to call home, Kyle values broadening ones horizons
and gaining new experiences. Anything from horseback riding to flash mobbing, he will never
pass an opportunity to do more. Now based in San Jose, obtaining a Marketing Honors degree,
he is a driving force in balancing business and creativity. Intelligence, entrepreneurship, and
socially awareness can only get one so far in life, but combined with the tools to properly
communicate with, engage, and impassion others is a difference Kyle brings to all he touches.

He is still learning daily, finding out the quirks to himself and life, and searching for the ‘flaws and
all’ he can’t see for himself. Kyle is fun all by myself and tries to include as many people as
possible. Life is always served best with a smile. If you need one, he has plenty to share!

Kyle has been contributing to Krisrael since May, 2012.

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