Contributor: Mo

 Mo is a modern “Jacqueline of all trades.” She is a life enthusiast in every sense of the word and is always embracing her inner geek-ette. Her Krisrael specialty is ALL THINGS GEEKY.
A karaoke diva, dancing queen, marathon runner, weight loss inspiration, Hello Kitty addict, Star Wars geek-ette, and LGBT Activist YOUtube Star:
She’s an MBA graduate, Nonprofit Guru at Young Imaginations, elected young politician in the Democratic Party, Alumni Board of Directors for Dominican University of California.
Connect with Mo:
Facebook: /MOtastic145
Twitter: @MOtastic
Mo’s Weight Loss Blog:
Fierce Fat Filipina Divas FB Fan Page: /FFFDivas 
Young Imaginations:
Mo has been writing for Krisrael since April 2012

7 thoughts on “Contributor: Mo

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