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“I’m too busy” – and other lame excuses I tell myself (Part 2)

Part 2: “I don’t have time.” During my time as a personal trainer, one of the poorest excuses I had from people during their orientation or retention check up was that they just “don’t have time” to exercise regularly (hence the gym memberships they pay for and never use). THEN these very same people often … Continue reading

5 Steps Closer to Awesome
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5 Steps Closer to Awesome

Gents, here they are: easy tips to be awesomer in the eyes of a lady, without pandering to rom-com crap-ola. The difference between “Whoa, he’s legit/sexy/enticing” and “Ew, please get away from me” often comes down to some pretty simple distinctions. Why am I writing these? Because I love you guys, straight* up. I think … Continue reading

Three Contemporary Musicians Keeping Jazz Alive And Kickin’
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Three Contemporary Musicians Keeping Jazz Alive And Kickin’

“Remember kid, there’s heroes and there’s legends. Heroes get remembered but legends never die”. This is a very well said, direct quote from Babe Ruth, or rather, from Art LaFleur, the man who plays “The Babe” in the iconic movie The Sandlot. Now before I go any further with this, you’re probably already pondering a few … Continue reading


Travel log: Hindu Wedding

Recently, I went on a recent trip to India for one of my best friend’s wedding. The union was unconventional from the Indian perspective; one was Catholic and the other Hindu, so they decided to have two weddings. This provided a fascinating mélange of cultures and a basis for comparison of the two wedding traditions. Catholic … Continue reading