Geek Chic: The “Call Me Maybe” Cultural Phenomenon
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Geek Chic: The “Call Me Maybe” Cultural Phenomenon

Photo Cred: Carly Rae Jepsen Official Website I know what you are probably thinking Krisrael Geek Chic readers: “Why is Mo talking about music this week?! Isn’t that Krisrael Music Contributor Derek’s specialty? What is she thinking?” Yeah, I get it. But hear me out! Krisrael Geek Chic prides itself in covering everything geeky from Star … Continue reading

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Geek Chic: How to Avoid a Father’s Day #FAIL

Sunday, June 17 may seem like an arbitrary date in the not-so-distant future, but not when you are dealing with the dreaded holiday celebrating the male parental unit in your life. That’s right my fellow Krisrael Geek Chic readers: Father’s Day! Every year I worry about what to get my very geeky, gadget-loving father. The … Continue reading

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Geek Chic: Geeky Holidays You Need Marked on the Calendar

Set your geeky holiday phasers to STUNNED! Yes. I WENT THERE. With the advent of commercial greeting card companies exploiting beloved holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Chrismahanukwanzakah, I thought I would share with my Krisrael Geek Chic readers the TOP geeky holidays you need marked on your calendar to celebrate our geeky ways with … Continue reading

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Geek Chic: Stellar Geekette Must Haves

Whoever created Internet Memes was a genius. Utter genius. Right up there with the dude who created the sarcastic, yet scarily accurate some-e-cards Internet message postcards. Case in point: this is exactly how I define a gamer girl… Gamer girls also known as geekettes have had a bad reputation as girls who either are a) … Continue reading