Edinbrah: Where Magic Happens

Despite coming from Italy and loving California with all my heart, Scotland will always own the biggest part of my heart. You may wonder why. Well, I don’t think a blog post could ever explain how wonderful Edinburgh and the surrounding areas are. I’ve just finished my third year of university in Edinburgh, and the atmosphere that surrounds that city is incredible.

If you ever end up in the Burgh, make sure to visit a few things:
1) Edinburgh Castle (I haven’t been inside yet, as they say that you have to wait until graduation to avoid bad luck)
2) Princes Street Gardens (wonderful to lay on the grass-when it’s dry)
3) Princes Street & George Street (be prepared to use your credit card)
4) Calton Hill (from here you’ll have a wonderful view of the city)
5) Portobello/Leith/Musselburgh (because you have to visit the beach)
6) Arthur’s Seat (a “wee” hike that you MUST go for if you visit Edinburgh. Not too hard, but make sure to have the right shoes)
7) Grassmarket (full of awesome characteristic pubs)
8) Royal Mile (aka the oldest street in Edinburgh, part of the old town)
9) the Meadows (London has Hyde Park; Edinburgh has the Meadows. Wonderful in early spring!)
10) Greyfriars Bobby’s story and pub

Additionally, make sure to try Irn Bru (strictly Scottish drink) and Haggis (strictly Scottish meal). There is much else to list, like local beers and pies, but I’m sure you’ll discover them once you get to the burgh with your lads and lassies. However, even if you prefer to travel alone, be prepared to make friends at the pub; Scottish people are amazingly welcoming and outgoing, and they have an unforgettable accent.

If you’re looking for pubs, a few of my favourites are:
 The Golf Tavern (I’m kind of biased because I worked there for a few months!)
If you’re looking for clubs:
– The Hive for something weird
– The Banshee Labyrinth for something different
– Opium for something hardcore
– The Three Sisters for something fun
If you’re looking for something more classy, then George Street is best with:
– Why Not
– Opal Lounge
– Lulu’s Club
There are still so many things to say, but I’ll leave you the joy of discovering this beautiful city when you finally visit it. Scotland is beautiful, and I hope everyone has the luck to explore this land of magic.

Cheers, lads!


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